All About Us

We are Sam & Ben.  Husband and wife.  And we are in LOVE!

Hi, I am Sam. That’s me over there.  The one on the right.

I am a TV addict. Name a show I probably watch it.  Though most are surprised that I don’t watch – The Office or Mad Men.  There are just too many other good ones.  My DVR is already exploding.  Thank goodness for Hulu!

While I grew up in Hershey, PA, I don’t really like chocolate.  My chocolate has to have more to it – peanuts, almonds, pretzels, peanut butter.  But my favorite dessert is a good brownie sundae!

I lived in LA for 2 years and loved everything about it – except for the traffic.  I do still occasionally miss it but love my husband and dog more.

I love romantic comedies – both in a book and at the movies.  Sarah Mlynowski is one of my favorite authors for a good chick lit.  And Nancy Myers never lets me down for a good chick flix.

I am not a writer but I do love blogging.  There is a reason I became a photographer and am not out writing the great American novel somewhere.  I stink at grammar.

I am a big fan of champagne & wine. Not together though.

While my better half enjoys outdoorsy stuff, I prefer the comforts of staying warm.  I am your typical girl and love shopping, cooking, baking and girls nights.

I just recently discovered the joy of slippers and am already on my 5th pair in a year.  Dogs and cheap slippers don’t mix well.

…and I’m Ben.

If it was a crime to love your car too much, I would be guilty as charged.

I sort laundry 7 different ways, not 6, not 8…7.  I didn’t find out everyone didn’t do this until I met Sam and I’ve been trying to convert her ever since.

Definitely love my daily routines – You can pretty much set your watch by where I’ll be in the mornings.  Sam always gives me this “it’s not the end of the world” look when she does something that interferes with my routine…oh, but it is…. 🙂

I’m a to do list guy.  I have a white board on the fridge, a notebook, a task list on my Blackberry.  I’m forever an optimist – today will be the day I get all of my list down. That’s why Sam and I complement each other so well – she’s the Queen of the Calendar and can tell me (from memory!) that I have a dentist appointment on January 21st at 430 pm…don’t forget to floss…

I love anything with mint in it, especially mint chocolate chip ice cream.  If there was a match made by the gods, it is definitely cool, creamy mint and bittersweet chocolate flakes.  And it has to be the green kind.  Green makes it taste better.

I have a habit of watching movies on TV, complaining about the parts that they edited out and the commercial interruptions; when we own the DVD and it;s sitting two feet from the TV!  This always gets me major eye rolls from Sam – “If I have to sit here and watch the TV version of Pirates of the Caribbean one more time…”)

If Sam and I were still in high school and our popularity was based solely on the the TV shows we watch, she would be most popular and I would be on the chess team.  I watch all the nerd channels – History Channel, Discovery…

I think I have a mild addiction to coffee.

I’ll sing along to just about any song in a car…but only if I’m driving alone.