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When April contacted us a few weeks back and asked if we could shoot her and David’s engagement session I was super excited. Some may recognize April from Christie & Jayson’s wedding last May. Originally we were going to do their session in early November but the day turned out to be bitterly cold and wet so we postponed it for a later weekend. I was a little nervous that we would just end up with similar weather but luckily the weather gods were looking out for us and the weather was perfect.

We met April & David at their home to utilize some of the cool land & structure that surrounds them. I am so glad they suggested it. There was so many different things around that we didn’t even know where to start. What better place than a lovely mossy fence. 🙂

Ben’s view


My view. A bit into our session David pulled out his guitar so we could incorporate it into some of the photos. April is a photography lover and said she has been meaning to get a picture of her ring in his guitar. I was happy to oblige!

David teaching April some chords. He made up a song just for us about “taking pictures in the yard”. Love it!!

We couldn’t forget about their adorable dog, Zoey! She was such a ham. I love how she begs for her treats. She seriously would stay like this until they gave the treat to her. It was great.

This is one of my favorite photos from the day. I love how natural it is.

After we put Zoey back inside, we wandered down the lane some to their neighbor’s property which had a bunch of old cars on it. April had asked for their permission to take pictures here and they were happy to allow us to use them; though the neighbor did say “I don’t know why you would want to”. Well, this is why….

and this one….

and, of course, this one! We loooooved the old cars and could have stayed there forever taking photos. Plus, the soft light didn’t hurt.

A little serenade.

We stopped by the chicken coop before a quick wardrobe change and then it was off to Heritage Park.

Heritage Park is one of our favorite spots to shoot and on this day we got there right when the light was perfect. The left image is another one of my favorites and I almost forgot to include it in this post! ek!

Hello! You two are adorable together!

I adore the way she is looking at him.

What did I tell you about that light. Ack! Add in some haybales and we are all set. One of Ben’s favorites on the right.

I think this is my top contender for a canvas. Such a sweet, quiet moment together.

LOVE THIS! April had mentioned that she loves photos of just feet with their heads cut off and I couldn’t agree more. Plus, I am in love with her boots! Another contender for a canvas.

I’ll be honest when we set David & April in this patch of grass I was not inspired by it but I love that Ben was able to make it work. Just one of the reasons why I love working with him! <3

Ben’s favorite! A great way to end our session with the sun setting and some relaxing time.

April & David – thanks for being fantastic to work with! You came ready to bring it and it was brought. 🙂 Best wishes to you both!

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