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Jessie & Will are such a fun & generous couple. You could tell everyone around them just loved them and were so happy to be there for them. Jessie was all smiles from the minute I walked in the door. Her excitement was bubbling over.

Will wrote a special letter to Jessie. The boys made Mint Juleps in honor of the Kentucky Derby that day.


I am such a sucker for flower girls. This little one was happily playing while she waited for her time to shine.

Jessie was a vision walking down the aisle. She really couldn’t stop smiling the whole day. Who can blame her!

Ah, those flower girls again. They knew they had to get all of those petals out of their basket one way or another. They were just slightly off target 🙂

Their officiant had a last minute emergency and asked this officiant to step in. The ceremony was the perfect mix of emotional & funny.

See what I mean. He inspected the ring for Jessie. Always looking out for the bride.

During the ceremony they nailed together a box that contained a bottle of wine and letters to each other. When/if they ever hit a rough time in their marriage they are to open the box to remind them of this moment. The trust & dedication they have for one another.

Often time the photos we take of just the couple are the only time during the day that a couple get to spend alone with each other (and, you know, us as spectators). They spend a few minutes with each other basking in what just happened. The emotion of the day is just written all over their faces here. So beautiful.

Will checking out the ring that he just put on her finger. 🙂

I love that there are so many cool places to shoot around at Rockwood Manor. We were having a little fun in the garden.

That high five just makes this photo. What a great bridal party! You can tell they were ready to celebrate.

Ack! Ok, first, Jessie you are gorgeous!!! Just radiant. And then their first dance…..speechless. Ben captured this amazing moment during their dance. I love all of their family & friends watching. You can just feel the love in the room. And that barn. WOW!

Jessie’s sorority sisters did a dance for her during the reception. Her sash says “Most likely to miss her own wedding”. Their dance was hilarious to watch. Still not sure what exactly was going on but I loved it anyhow.

This flower girl  was tearing it up on the dance floor.

Everyone was having a great time. The DJ did a fantastic job reading the crowd. The dance floor was packed the entire night.

Jessie’s parents. 🙂

Ah, Rockwood Manor.
Congratulations Jessie & Will. Best wishes for a wonderful life together. We hope that the box stays nailed up for many many years to come.

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