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We are excited to share this gorgeous wedding with you! We love discovering new venues and Doe Creek Farm did not disappoint. They are located in Pembroke and just started offering weddings this year. They are planning on opening a pick your own apple orchard next year and I can’t wait for that (things were growing when we were there!).

Kacey & Kevin met through mutual friends, were friends for many years before one day everything changed and they fell in love. We love a friends first love story since that is similar to what happened for Ben & I.

Kacey is originally from Washington State so many of her friends & family traveled long distances to be there for them on their wedding day. It was a whole weekend of celebrating the happy couple!

So many fun places to shoot around at Doe Creek Farm. Look at those handsome boys!

Kacey’s grandmother. I am in love with this capture that Ben got. Can’t you just tell what a vibrant personality she has. Reminds me of my own grandmother. 🙂

As many know, it has been quite rainy this year and this day was no exception. While they had a Plan B for the rain, everyone tried hard to wait it out so they could get married at their original location. How great is it that all of these guests pitched in to help dry off chairs to get ready to start the ceremony. (Can anyone spot me?)

Time to get married!!!! Doesn’t Kacey make a gorgeous bride! I loved the small details she added such as the sash, shoes and the breast cancer awareness ribbon in honor of her mom.

As Ben is getting photos of everyone walking down the aisle I take the groom’s reaction of his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. More often than not I can immediately tell when she starts her descend since the best man looks over in the groom’s direction. It is so funny how that always seems to happen! Maybe one day I will post comparison shots of just how many of the best men at our weddings do this.

Almost there Kacey! <3

Look at how amazing this view is! I don’t blame them for wanting to wait out the rain. Beautiful!

Crazy bridal party!

I kept hearing about Kevin’s famous dance moves. Here they are demonstrating it for me. Love it!

Ahhh seriously cute.

Kacey was just beaming all day long. Nothing could get her mood down.

When I saw these old gas pumps out front I knew immediately that we needed to incorporate them into their photos. So cool.

My favorite!Their first dance. The party immediately got started soon after. The dance floor was packed!

You know I love a good cake moment. 🙂

The Kevin dance!

I love the different layers to this photo. Kevin taking Kacey’s garter off, the men having their own conversations, and the ladies all smiles taking their own photos of the event. Plus the videographer in the background. They hired Big Dog Little Bed Productions to film their wedding day and they did an amazing job! See the video of Kacey & Kevin’s wedding here. And if you are looking for your own videographer make sure to check them out.

The Wobble!

What’s a wedding without a little conga line. 🙂Best Wishes, Kacey & Kevin, for a beautiful, happy life together!

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