Kimber & Ben | Hummelstown, PA Wedding Photographer

We had the pleasure of traveling up to PA a few weeks ago to shoot the wedding of Kimber & Ben. Kimber is the sister of a former client of ours, Kemer of Kemer & Erica fame. Remember their beautiful Brooklyn wedding we shot a few months ago? Anyhow, when Kimber contacted us and asked if we would do her wedding we jumped at the chance. No brainer! Doesn’t hurt that Kimber & Ben are just awesome people in general.

They were married on the coveted 11.11.11 at Trinity United Methodist Church in Hummelstown. Kimber is super crafty and did all of the floral arrangements herself.

Ben was as cool as a cucumber. He took a break while writing his vows to squeeze in a little tic-tac-toe.

They had a special guest join them for their wedding. Holiday Snoopy was there. There is some inside joke between Ben & his family. I am not even sure of the whole story but it was pretty amusing.

Kimber was radiant walking down the aisle. LOVE! 

I always say there seems to be one small mishap at every wedding and usually these things are more humorous than event changing. This was Kimber & Ben’s humorous mishap. The unity candle took a little bit of coaxing before it lit. But it finally did and now they have a funny story from it.

One of my favorite moments are those first few steps back down the aisle as husband and wife. Precious.

The required crazy bridal party shot. You would never know it was FREEZING that day.

We sent the bridal party inside to get warmed up while Kimber & Ben decided to make the most of it and not let the cold get in the way of some AWESOME couples shots.  Ben’s view and his favorite.

My view. It was easy to get these two to laugh together. They are constantly cracking each other up. Love that. And hello, gorgeous fall tree lined drive.

See I told you – Ben hamming it up – we sent them walking down the path and out of nowhere, Ben breaks out a heel click – talent!  Every now and then the sun would break through the clouds.  Not only did it instantly get 20 degrees warmer, but it made for some amazing shots 🙂

Kimber – you are GORGEOUS!!!! Ack!

The cake topper was Kimber’s parents from their wedding. I love that they used it and I also love the people’s hair! ha!

First dance!

Followed by hilarious toasts.

These were the lights used for the up-lighting around the room. I love finding clever spots for ring shots.


My favorite – I love the father-daughter dance at weddings. They always make me a little teary eyed. This one was no exception.

The lone guy who was brave enough to get up and dance to The Sugarhill Gang’s Apache.  “If I get up and make a fool of myself, surely everyone will follow…”  🙁

Ben (my Ben) warned Kimber ahead of time to not throw her bouquet to high because of the light hanging above. Kimber barely missed it. 🙂

The reception went way past the flower girl and ring bearers nap time so they decided to make good use of the comfy couches that were set up around the hall.

Congratulations Kimber & Ben!!!! My Ben & I wish you so many beautiful years of nuzzlin’ together. <3

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