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Kristin & Patrick were married a couple of weeks ago on a chilly November day.  They are such a fun and loving couple.  We love working with them.  Look for their engagement session on the website soon. It will blow you away.

Patrick looking calm, cool and collected minutes from walking down the aisle to meet his future Mrs.

Gotta love the coziness of VT’s War Memorial Chapel.  Kristin, her mom and uncle were having a little bit of a rough time making it down the aisle three across.  LOVE Ben’s capture of this unique moment.  Sam’s favorite!

Those who know me know that I am a bit of  sentimental person and one of my many favorite moments of weddings is the vows & ring exchange.  You can see how excited Kristin is in the photo on the left.

Here Patrick is about to become a husband.

A Catholic blessing over the newly minted Mr. & Mrs.

How handsome are these guys!  And hilarious!  They had us cracking up the entire day.  Kristin & Patrick decided that instead of having the guys rent tuxes for just the day they had all the guys purchase tan suits so they could wear them again.  Great idea!

Ben & I do a lot of shooting over at Tech’s campus and so it always amazes me when we stumble upon a new spot.  Kristin took us to this hidden gem near the Duckpond.  GAWK!!! Just look at all the fabulous fall colors.  AND the sunlight.  AND a gorgeous couple. = 2 happy photographers.

Best Wishes did another fantastic job on all the flowers.  It fit into their fall theme perfectly.


Their reception was held at Bakers Best. Love this tender moment during their first dance.  Apparently so did everyone else.  Note the paparazzi behind them.

Maybe for Christmas I’ll just make a big book of all of our brides rings and present it to Ben as “Ideas for Christmas” list for me.  Kristin’s ring would be on top.  LOVE the color.

There is a great story behind this unique German toasting glass in the right photo.  The short story is that goldsmith fell in love with a nobleman’s daughter.  The nobleman did not approve of the marriage but declared that if the goldsmith could create a glass that two people could drink from without spilling a single drop then he would approve the union.  Thus was created this German toasting glass.  The girls skirt becomes one glass for the groom while the bucket in her arms can be swiveled so the bride can drink from it at the same time.  Read more of this tradition here.

Last dance!  This photo perfectly captures their reception and all the joy and love that surrounded them throughout the day.

Congratulations Kristin & Patrick!  We adored working with you and hope to see you again soon.  Much love – S&B

  1. Cindy Tache' /

    Loved the pictures! Great job!!

  2. Richard Werkmeister /

    Great photos

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