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I am super excited to feature this next wedding. We had a blast with these two & their guests and the location was a new one for us. When we arrived at The Kyle House we were immediately excited to find that all these little details and hideaways the house offered – super adorable & cozy.

The old barn is used for the ceremony and though it was dark I was in love with the chandeliers & lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Lindsey handpainted the cornhole set for the wedding. She used the same silhouettes throughout the wedding. What a fun idea! She needs to start selling these. 😉

Now this is what I call multitasking.

Love this moment that Ben captured between brothers.

Lindsey & Marcus provided green ribbons for their guests to wear in memory of a friend that recently passed away. Lindsey tied bells around her bouquet for him.

      Lindsey was so relaxed before the ceremony.

Love her bridesmaid looking on as Lindsey got ready.

Meanwhile, the guys were doing their best GQ impressions outside. I think they nailed it.

The bells and some urban flair for the lovely ladies in blue. Lindsey gave her girls the designer, material choice and color then let them decide what shade and cut worked best for them.

One of my favorites of the day! Ben’s favorite too.  Lindsey & her dad shared this sweet moment before he walked her down the aisle.

Outside the ceremony, right before they walked in, Lindsey’s soon to be sister-in-law and maid of honor gave her a loving squeeze.
They wrote their own  vows to each other.
The hand fastening ceremony.
Apparently girls aren’t the only ones who get excited by The Ring…

Obviously this was a posed shot, requested after they saw it on Pinterest; but I love how they committed to it!  If you’re going to be cheesy, you at least have to go all in!  🙂
So sweet.

Another favorite. I have many. 🙂

We created a guestbook album for them using their engagement pictures. Guests were able to write notes on each page using the custom pens. Great detail!
JMU Bulldogs! An Etsy find. Love it. Those forks say “I do” “Me too” and are another Etsy find.
The first dance.
On their first date they went out for ice cream and Lindsey introduced Marcus to the joys of sherbert and gummy bears! It has been a tradition for them ever since and something that was important for them to incorporate in their wedding day.
Her father gave a touching toast. I loved how intimate the rooms in the Kyle House were.  It felt like a big Sunday family dinner
While the best man kept it short, sweet and comical. The father/daughter and mother/son dances were straight up fun. Lindsey & her dad started things out slow then kicked it up half way through with some moves straight out of Pulp Fiction. Not to be outdone, Marcus and his mom boogied to Aretha Franklin’s Respect.

Then the dancing started and, man, could their guests dance! What a fun time.

I mean seriously…and thanks to DV Entertainment for the use of their light and the music!And a first for us – The Wobble! That’s Marcus’ mom getting down. An impromptu performance. Ok, this is my favorite!!!
Gotta love the sparkler exit. Best wishes, Marcus & Lindsey! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it all.


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