ReBooth is our version of the PhotoBooth. The hottest thing to hit receptions since the chicken dance. 😉

What we love about the ReBooth is that is so so simple to use. You & your guests get decked out in any of our provided gear, line up, push the big red button, wait for the 5 sec countdown and smile. Done. Now do it again!

Plus the whole concept is an open air booth so all of your guests can see what is going on. Instant entertainment.

ReBoothSetup_01 ReBoothSetup_02

All of the photos are high-resolution and available to you along with your wedding DVD.

Want to see more samples of the awesomeness? Go here and then contact us to get your own ReBooth


Please note we do book the ReBooth separate from our wedding services 4 months out. Contact us today to get on our waiting list.

Plus you never know who might show up!